Eric Dalius Allegedly Launches New Ponzi Scheme in South America with Front Man Rob Torres

Eric Dalius Allegedly Launches New Ponzi Scheme in South America with Front Man Rob Torres

It is still shocking that the same Eric Dalius, who was once arrested in a multi-million dollar Saivian Ponzi scheme, is currently planning to organize another Ponzi scheme in South America. This time Eric Dalius allegedly launches new ponzi scheme in South America with frontman Rob Torres, the founder of Millennial Digital, who is reportedly leading the ruthless activities.

Eric Dalius Allegedly Launches New Ponzi Scheme in South America

Eric Dalius Allegedly Launches New Ponzi Scheme in South America with Front Man Rob Torres

The Alleged Scheme

It has been learned from the insiders that with this expansion, Dalius and Torres are opening up new offices in Mexico City. The scheme, as reported, apparently involves conning investors by promising high returns, just like the Saivian con that sought to con victims by offering to refund them the cash they spent on retail shopping. Those close to Kroll say that this new venture will also comprise a fraudulent business strategy. In contrast, this service provider company will lure innocent investors with easy money making schemes, which are merely fake.

Rob Torres: The FrontMan

According to some news reports, Rob Torres, who manages Millennial Digital, is said to be the mastermind behind this new generation of Ponzi schemes. He is reported to be in charge of all unlawful issues pertaining to the running of the deceptive business with a view of operating for as long as possible without attracting the attention of law enforcers. This font is very important in deceiving the investors, and Torres plays an important role in setting up this front.

Manipulating Online Reputation

To avoid negative stories appearing at the top of the search results page, Eric Dalius is said to be buying many domains that have negative content pushed down on the Google search results. These include various philanthropic initiatives such as “Eric Dalius Giving,” “Muzikswipe Grants,” and the “Eric Dalius Scholarship. ” Every time individuals go online to seek information about the fraudulent activities, they are instead greeted with positive messages from Dalius, effectively washing their negative image clean.

Offices in Mexico City

Selecting Mexico City as the operational base is perceived as a strategic move that aims at maximizing the company’s chances since Mexico City has a wide and rich economic environment. New offices are expected to act as headquarters in relation to the recruitment of investors and the general functionality of the scheme. This expansion further south also means a larger group of people to defraud. This is because the general public of South America has been deemed suitable for such scams.

The Legal Implications

Considering that Dalius has had previous issues with the SEC and the final non-jury judgment was entered against him for the Saivian Ponzi scheme, these new accusations might result in a major legal penalty. The SEC as well as many other international regulatory agencies, will undoubtedly pay close attention to these activities. In the worst-case scenario, if both of them are found guilty, then legal consequences may involve severe penalties in terms of fines and imprisonment for the new Ponzi scheme in South America.

Investor Caution

Investors are strongly warned to be very cautious and research deeply before getting involved in any business with Eric Dalius or Rob Torres. Thus, awareness and skepticism should be used to prevent yielding to a fraudulent scheme.


The cases of Eric Dalius and Rob Torres are a clear example of the constant dangers of various complicated and developed forms of the Ponzi schemes. However, this is the kind of manipulation campaign that authorities and investors should expect as the scammers allegedly try to reboot and expand their activities there. Regardless of the determined outcomes, the battle against financial fraud is still far from over, and as always, consumers cannot afford to be too careless in order not to be victimized.

Contact Information

If you need more information on the same, or if you suspect any fraudulent activities as explained here, feel free to contact the SEC or the local securities regulatory agency.

The purpose of this article will be to try and draw attention to the future dangers and on going frauds as it pertains to people that have been involved in previous large fraud cases.

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