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Recruitment is any company’s building block, determining its foundation and team structure. So, the right hiring is crucial to keep the progress towards a successful goal. However, many teams lack the necessary hiring team or person. That’s where a human resource company jumps in.

So, if your business doesn’t have an HR department and you are looking to outsource your HR responsibilities, below are the top human resource companies for this purpose. Each platform is distinctive in its own domain and is the best in various areas. So, let’s begin!

Top 11 Human Resource Companies

While several human resource agencies are operating worldwide, we’ve picked the top ones for your business. Some of these agencies are even in the Fortune 500. Each HR outsourcing company below is special in its particular domain. So, let’s get into their details.

1. ADP Workforce

Best For: Startups & Small Businesses

Established: 1949

Headquarter: New Jersey

ADP Workforce

ADP Workforce is an excellent human resource company for small businesses and startups. These companies usually don’t have enough skills to hire the right candidate or budget to create an in-house HR department. So, ADP helps these businesses get the right candidates for their new businesses.

The agency helps them manage the payroll, enrollments, compliance, training of employees, and much more. It lifts the burden from these small companies and allows them to focus on other important aspects, such as growth and establishment. Although the company’s website doesn’t have a fee structure, it is affordable to many of them.

If your company is a startup, you may also like to learn about problems startup business faces; recruitment is one of them. Read about the top 6 such problems with solutions in our other guide.

2. Zenefits

Best For: Managers & Administrators

Established: February 2013

Headquarter: San Francisco


Zenefits on this list is more software than an organization, which helps a business hire and other employee management tasks. So, why do we include it in our list? It is great for executives, C-suite members, administrators, and managers since the application provides them with all the details about their employees.

These higher authoritative members can check into their current and new employees, their time cards, payrolls, and other important aspects anytime. The software is also available in the mobile app, increasing accessibility. As far as human resourcing is concerned, JazzHR partners with the app to offer these businesses recruiting services through the app.

3. TriNet

Best For: Small- & Medium-Sized Companies

Established: 1988

Headquarter: Dublin


The parent company of Zenefits, TriNet, is in the third spot, being the best human resource agency for small and medium-sized companies. Although we’ve included ADP for the same position, they are great for business in their initial phases. TriNet, on the other hand, is excellent for teams with a small or moderate workforce.

They offer versatile and flexible packages for businesses to assist them in various fields. It also includes detailed reporting to help them analyze the employee’s hiring process from different angles. The experienced agents also provide consultation to assist the companies in further hiring. And it’s all available at an affordable cost per employee.

4. Workday

Best For: Human Resource with Financing Solutions

Established: March 2005

Headquarter: Pleasanton

Workday Human Resource Team

Workday is an excellent human resource agency, more focused on providing financial services along with its recruitment expertise. Recruiting workers is directly related to the financial condition of a company. If your business has enough budget to hire more employees, the financial team can signal the HR department to let them come.

Workday provides the same mixture with a perfect blend. They analyze the company’s financial situation and deliver reports about the recruitment situation. The HR team is more useful to those struggling businesses that are suffering from low financial conditions due to fewer employees.

5. Paychex

Best For: Convenient Payroll Management

Established: 1971

Headquarter: New York


Paychex, as the name reflects, is a great human resource company for payments and payrolls. The organization provides payroll solutions for businesses of any scale and size. So, whether you are running a large enterprise or a startup, you can contact Paychex anytime to manage the complex payment structure.

These structures usually include twice salary processes, a mixture of part-time, full-time, and contract-based employees, or prepaid debit card methods. Interestingly, Paychex also offers an automated system for extra convenience. However, they don’t have listed their price values. So, you will need to contact the agent with your requirements to get a query.

6. Gusto

Best For: Personalized Onboarding

Established: November 2011

Headquarter: San Francisco

Gusto Human Resource Company

If your company is looking for personalized human resource solutions for a specific job requirement, Gusto is a better option. The agency offers customized onboarding for a business to hire talent precisely perfect (to a large extent) for a particular position. The businesses can create a checklist of requirements so they get the right candidates.

Furthermore, managers can also use the Gusto mobile app to manage the new hires and current employees well. They can easily set up accounts for fresh candidates on several management platforms, like Slack, Google Workspace, 365, Zoom, and Dropbox. So, it eases up the whole onboarding process.

7. Insperity

Best For: Full-Service Human Resource Outsourcing

Established: April 1986

Headquarter: Houston

Insperity Human Resource Company

Insperity is a complete package for businesses of any scale. They offer several human resource services to companies, such as recruitment, payrolls, time and performance management, and employee safety. Additionally, their expert team also assists you in writing personalized and compelling job descriptions to attract candidates.

On the other hand, they also offer a training program for fresh candidates. It helps them to get acquainted with the company’s environment and work nature along with their job requirements. However, there’s also a catch. Their fee structure is a little complex to understand. Also, their website is not transparent about their pricing policies. So, you’ll need to talk to their agent for a quote according to your company’s needs.

8. Rippling

Best For: Affordable Human Resource Solution

Established: 2015

Headquarter: San Francisco


Rippling is more famous for its affordable human resource outsourcing plans. Its all-in-one HR plan starts at only $8/month per employee, which gives a huge benefit to several companies. The low rates are basically due to high automation services that act as cost-cutting. On the other side, it has another advantage.

Automation also saves time for various purposes, making the whole process efficient. So, it helps the managers to work more productively. Rippling also offers other team benefits, like deposits, health insurance, mobile clock-in, tax filing, workflow management, and others.

However, the platform doesn’t offer a free trial, so you will need to subscribe to test the services. Here, monetary management is extremely important (especially if you are an entrepreneur) since many entrepreneurs make this mistake. If you are curious which are the others, read here the top mistakes young entrepreneurs make.

9. Ultimate Kronos Group

Best For: Large Enterprises

Established: April 2020

Headquarter: Florida & Massachusetts

UKG Human Resource Agency

Ultimate Kronos Group, better known as UKG, is the latest on the list. However, the agency is more focused on providing solutions for large enterprises, which indicates the platform’s HR methods and service quality. The platform was established after merging two big platforms, Ultimate Software and Kronos Incorporated.

But just like other human resource companies, UKG has not even provided the complete pricing plan on its website. So, you will need to contact their agent and explain your requirements to get a quote. But, as the company offers solutions to large companies with even tailored HR solutions, they are comparatively costly.

10. G&A Partners

Best For: Employee Training

Established: 1995

Headquarter: Houston

G&A Partners

Every company needs to train their freshly hired employees, even if they are experts in the field. It is because each business has its working nature and environment, which the new person needs to adapt to. G&A Partners help the companies to do so. The platform is a full-service human resource outsourcing agency offering services like payroll, compliance, management tools, recruitment, and all.

Additionally, they also provide an excellent recruitment training program for your employees. This program consists of the major and most fundamental training courses (1,500+) that you can select from. You can even track your candidate’s progress to understand how well they can incorporate with your team at a point.

11. Accenture

Best For: AI-Assisted Recruitment

Established: 1989

Headquarter: Dublin


Being part of the Fortune 500, Accenture is one of the most reputable human resource and recruitment companies on this list. In fact, it is also among the initial platforms which introduced HR outsourcing. However, they are selected for intelligently using AI for hiring, which effectively streamlines the process and proves to be time-saving.

It utilizes artificial intelligence and sophisticated technologies for different purposes. These typically include tracking applicants, analyzing applications, monitoring progress, evaluating performance, and others. Since the system uses machine learning, it is adaptive to any company’s structure, ethics, and policies. So, you can have only the most efficient hiring in your required department.


Although hiring is an important process for sustaining a business, many companies don’t have enough resources or a dedicated department for it. In this case, they need to hire a human resource outsourcing agency to provide them with the right talent. If you are also looking for such talent, pick a team from the above list and recruit the best you get.

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