Top 11 Entrepreneur Ideas You Can Go For Today

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of any industry and significantly contribute to a country’s progress. However, coming to an idea is the challenge many face. If you are also struggling with the same confusion, this guide will be all you need. Here, I’ve listed the top 11 entrepreneur ideas that you can start working on today. So, let’s begin!

1. Bookkeeping Agency

Entrepreneur Ideas Bookkeeping

For people who have financial experience and understand the finance market, they can offer their services of bookkeeping. It involves tracking accounts, recording transactions, and managing a business’s financial aspects. So, if you are familiar with the field and can assist companies, it will be the right startup.

Usually, small businesses or startups require bookkeeping experts when they don’t have enough budget or resources. So, you can start individually but soon become an agency as you gather more clients. The best part is that you can operate the agency virtually.

2. Medical Transportation

The medical industry saw a bloom during and after Covid-19. However, it also creates a necessity for new fields. One of the necessities is quick transportation. Multiple hospitals and clinics require quick medical supplies from pharmacies or warehouses in secure mediums. Besides normal transportation, some medicines must remain in a certain environment.

So, if you own such a vehicle, starting a medical transportation service can be among the great entrepreneur ideas. You can even modify your van with a special cooling system and register it for proper medicines delivery, which must remain in a cool environment. With the progress in the business, you can own more vehicles and establish a well-running company (pun intended).

3. Home Care Services

Home Care

Although many families don’t want their grandpas or grandmas in old-age centers, they want someone to look after them occasionally. These boomers and Gen X also don’t want to leave the comfort of their homes. So here, home care service companies kick in. They provide caregivers or nannies to provide the necessary care for a specific period.

And it is not only limited to older people only. Patients, people suffering from a bad accident, a person with a disability, or even small children, everyone who needs care or look after falls under the same category. So, you can provide care to them at home and charge for excellent yet noble services.

4. Application Development

As common as it sounds, application development is a huge department with a broad choice of selection and supports infinite entrepreneur ideas for a business. If you know coding or programming and understand a void in the mobile application area, you can fill it up with a revolutionary app.

It only requires an observant eye able to catch the problem or absence of a feature. You can also combine two solutions and convert them into an app. For example, no one wondered if online taxi services could exist, as people were afraid to travel in an unknown car with a stranger. But platforms like Uber and Lyft make it happen.

Uber Eats take it one step further by combining food delivery and online taxi (for eatables). Anyways, the point here is to understand what issue an application software can solve and make that solution happen.

5. Digital Marketing

With the ever-growing competition in the online world, every company and business needs an expert to make them prominent. So, digital marketing is one of the best entrepreneur ideas that kick in this space.

It helps businesses become more visible, gather quality leads, target the right audience, and improve sales. If you have digital knowledge and can make a business grow in the digital space, what are you waiting for? Start by offering your services as a freelancer or individual digital marketer, and later establish your own company providing online solutions.

It will include all, like SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, and others. If you like the idea and want to learn more about the best business ideas similar to this one, check out the other guide by one of our lead experts. But before jumping to it, let’s continue.

6. Food Truck

Food Truck

But the digital world is not for everyone, especially if you don’t have much broad technical background. So, stepping out of the online world and into the real world, you can also start a food truck. Although it may have a high investment up front, the business can have a high return on investment (ROI).

You can own a food truck of various sizes, including various cuisines. It can be fast food,  Chinese, snacks, ice cream, etc. On the one hand, the startup is a safe investment with a high chance of establishment; it also requires minimal maintenance cost and effort than a restaurant on the other hand. Plus, you may only need to hire a pair of helping hands or two rather than a team of cooks and waiters.

7. Lawn Care Service

Having a backyard lawn is a dream for every family. However, its maintenance is the part that bugs them. So, you can start a service to maintain, flourish, organize, and (maybe) design their lawn or garden. The work is quite interesting and entertaining in itself. And if you have a hobby of passion for gardening, it will be the cherry on top.

Usually, you don’t require much equipment for the job. Some basic tools and great lawn knowledge will set you on. However, you can have add-ons or include extra services as you get experience to expand your decent entrepreneurship idea.

8. Drone Photography

Photography is a business that cannot die. However, you can bring variations in the field or include add-ons if you are already in the photography industry. One of the most interesting entrepreneur ideas in this department is drone photography. Drones are slowly merging in various industries, but it benefit this particular industry the most.

You can provide your clients with surreal panoramic photos, stunning aerial shots, amazing bird-eye views, and many more. Luckily, many drone companies have launched their flying units with FHD cameras. So you don’t need to invest in the lenses separately. Just to give you an estimation, people invested $1.15+ billion worldwide in drones in 2020. So, it is evident the importance of drone usage in the future.

9. Shopping on Demand

People love shopping. But it is mostly subjected to fashion, wearables, electronics, or other stuff displayed in malls or plazas. But they don’t have time or energy when it comes to regular shopping. You can offer your services in the area to do shopping on others’ behalf. It will include groceries, utilities, food items, and normal household items.

But sometimes, it may also include these clothes or wearables shopping. Anyways, you can provide the shop on-demand service in your neighborhood physically. Soon, you can create a website, develop a strong digital presence, and take your business online for broader reach. Purchase things online for a client overseas or across borders and charge internationally.

10. Tax Return Preparer

If you are an accountant and are familiar with taxation and obligations by the back of your hand, you should start offering your services as a tax return preparer. Multiple businesses need tax experts to go through legal matters. They usually require professionals as they don’t want to be stuck in lawsuit cases down the road.

So, here you can offer your expertise and help them solve the tax return issues. It doesn’t demand much maintenance cost and isn’t much challenging if you are experienced enough. You can register the companies with IRS by obtaining Tax Identification Number or clearing issues. The business falls under the bookkeeping model, but you can offer the service solely.

11. Gift Shop

Entrepreneur Ideas Gift Shop

People send gifts to their loved ones all the time, and the activity is at its highest limit during holidays or special occasions (whether globally or personally). But they usually get confused or blank-minded about what to send or which gift will be better. So, you can start a gift shop to help people send valuable or memorable presents, making the activity even more adorable.

You can store multiple items for every age and gender. Let it be toys, decorations, art & craft items, handy but interesting tools, paintings, greeting cards, jewelry, wearables, books, etc. The options are diversified. You can also start an ecommerce gift store on Amazon or eBay for amazing reach.


Entrepreneurship is a challenging yet fascinating practice. Although it requires a productive mind, high business developmental skills, and a significant investment, people can earn a high income while solving a societal issue. Since now, you’ve learned the top 11 entrepreneur ideas; pick the one that suits you the most. Gear up, gather tools, explore it a little more, and start your business today.

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