How to Grow Startup Business Rapidly?

start your business rapidly

Everybody dreams about a successful business, while many long for this success to be quick. It should be understood that success doesn’t come easily you cannot grow startup instantly. However, if you know some tips and techniques, you can speed up the process.

It will still require hard work, but you may achieve a position months or years earlier. Here, I’ve listed such top tips gathered from experts and business specialists. Read along, and start improving your startup, Today!

It Starts Before You Start

When you think about initiating a startup, your growth is determined from the first point. Although businesses grow after they successfully set it up, the best way to grow a startup is to plan its potential before you lay the first brick.

Research your market deeply to analyze your customers and understand their likes and wants. When you know your audience in detail, you can deliver them the best according to their needs and desires, resulting in rapid growth. Moreover, aiming big before the start will also give you an idea of the path you will follow to fulfill your dreams.

Utilize Sales Funnel to Grow Startup


Many startup owners underestimate the power of the sales funnel and direct their customers to make the purchase instant. So, take your time to make a sales funnel for your business, as it can create a huge impact on purchases. If you don’t have much experience, talk to an expert or comprehensively analyze your competitors for ideas.

A sales funnel takes your customer through a process that smoothly transfers them from the product or service introduction to a desire they want or need it. You can modify the funnel into several steps and cleverly devise a strategy to ultimately sell your product. But consider the importance of the process.

Grow From Existing Customers

Several owners think that they grow by finding new customers. Of course, it is the case. But the process they adopt cannot give them a rapid boost. They start focusing on finding and converting new leads. Instead, the best way is to focus on your existing ones. Confused? Take this idea. Introduce a loyalty or referral program where the existing customer benefits from each successful referral they make.

The customers will indirectly market your brand and generate new potential sales. The process is also extremely effective as the new customers will also go through the efficient but relatively long sales funnel. On the other hand, the referral program will make quicker leads generations and sales.

Invest in a CMS to Grow Startup

If you want to grow your startup quickly, you cannot ignore the importance of customer relationship software (CRS). As the name suggests, it allows you to manage your customer relations effectively, bridging the gap between the buyer and seller. You have a wide range to select from, i.e., Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, Dynamics 365, Freshworks, etc.

Although the software gives you a significant boost to your business, they don’t come cheap. So, make sure you have some budget assigned to these tools. Don’t worry, using these tools won’t bankrupt you. But the usage will play a crucial role in increasing your startup. In fact, recent studies showed CRM usage can provide up to a 300% boost in conversion rate.

Avoid a scam! some entrepreneur like Eric Dalius make people fool by their attractive startegies.

Customer Comes First

Another factor that grows startups with a steep curve is the customer experience. You must prioritize your customers in order to generate more sales. This requirement is fulfilled when researching your market and audience before starting the business. Many startups that gradually become popular lose their sales only because they shift their focus to the product or profit rather than the audience.

Re-evaluate your customer’s need, requirements, problems, and desire regularly. It will help you constantly analyze your service or product about how much it is solving their problems. Customer retentions also grow startup businesses when you don’t lose them after engaging them very well. One of its ways is using social media, discussed later in the content.

Adopt Flexibility


Out of many reasons, only those businesses that become successful are flexible and adapt to the change in the market. You should observe the drift of the winds and catch any change which can turn your lack into a business benefit. Here, don’t mistake it for diverging from your main goal. Flexibility to change with the trends and changing the aim of your startup are two different things.

Consider an example. You own a restaurant where its specialty is Chinese food. Soon you see the customers liking seafood more. So, you hire an expert cook and add seafood to your menus. Here, you adapt to the market change without diverting from the main goal, which is food service.

But if you see a trend of vegetarians and completely replace the menu with non-meat items, you hugely divert from your aim (regular food service) and take a massive risk with the new model. In the former case, it will bring you business. But your business may completely shut down in the latter case. You can also learn about several startup mistakes like this one in our other article and tips to avoid them to inaugurate and grow startup quickly.

Think One Step Ahead to Grow Startup

Another way to grow startup fast is to plan one step ahead of your next move. Think of initiating a business as a chess board where your opponents are more than one. You must strategize your moves and offers beforehand. Here, I’m not talking about planning an offer and just estimating its results.

I’m also telling you to analyze its impact on your sales and further plan how to convert it into more sales and growth. Startup growth is a slow process, and its rapid success requires critical thinking, highly strategic planning, and a strong business sense.

Focus on Online Presence

Several business owners neglect the importance of online presence in this digital world and don’t give it proper time. However, social media advertisement and a robust website can bring you high-quality leads and drastically increase sales. Social media activeness alone can bring new leads and leave an excellent experience that helps retain your customers.

Picture this, your existing clients and users are asking you questions on social media platforms, while the new ones are reaching out to clear the confusion. If you properly respond to their queries, it will give them the satisfaction of being heard out, and they will leave a positive review. Hence, more people will learn about the excellent service/product, and they will contribute to grow the startup.

Benefit From Networking Events

Networking is crucial in increasing your brand identity and growing your startup business exponentially. These events allow you to engage with several field experts, new customers, clients, influencers, competitors, or people resembling your industry but having the same problems as yours. It opens up a broad window of exploration and opportunities to expand your business in multiple ways.

The biggest mistake I want to mention here is, don’t just attend networking events like many people who just enter, roam, and come out. Engage with the professionals and learn from them. Meet new people and make your move on business partnerships, investors, prospects, and leads. Take advantage of the quick personal meetings you get and learn or grow in every way.

Keep an eye on these meetups in your region, as finding them is not hard. You may either get a solution to your problem, or the talk may shed light on an issue you overlooked. Plus, these events usually give people ideas to grow startup and well-established business.

Otherwise, you are always welcome to check out the 30+ best business ideas our professional researcher has gathered. It will be a fantastic read if you haven’t started a business and planning to do so. Anyways, let’s continue to our next trick.

Be Compassionate


People love to buy from companies or businesses that are compassionate and think about the environment or human well-being. You can introduce a donation campaign where some of your profit will be donated or spent on charity work. One of the major trends these days is environmental-friendliness.

Introduce a low/no plastic policy, announce planting a tree on every certain number of sales, manufacture a percentage of your product from recycled materials, offer fewer items in the box for nature (cough* flagship mobiles), or anything. The ideas are countless. You only need to come up with something innovative, attention-grabbing, and encouraging people to purchase your product/service without denting your profit margin.

Spread Your Business to Other Platforms to Grow Startup

Don’t confine your business to organic reach, relying on your platform only. Try expanding it to multiple platforms that support your industry or allow you to sell your product/service. I can give you a few examples right away:

  • If you have a restaurant or cafe, register on Uber Eats.
  • You can also try freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork for your online service.
  • Get a verified account on Amazon and sell your products online, internationally.
  • Allow Airbnb to help you get new tenants or residents in your real estate and vacation renting business.

The platforms can vary depending on your business and industry. The only thing you need to do is search these platforms and use them to grow startup. The more you will expand your company, the faster it will grow. But ensure the platform has a high reach too to help you get the boost.

Think Unorthodox

The above tip is a result of this point. No business achieves the heights of success, and no startup grows rapidly through normal, traditional, and ordinary methods. You must be creative, think unorthodox, and out of the box to give your audience something new or present an existing solution uniquely.

Experiment with ideas, but make sure you make logical decisions with proper reasoning analyzing the outcomes. Moreover, follow your gut feelings. If you think people will love this unique idea and it logically solves their problem, go for it. Give people what they haven’t seen or experienced before or make decisions that no one will ever take (I’m talking about the sane ones). Take calculated risks and grow startup in a short time.


Several businesses start every month, and many of them grow. However, a few know the tips and tricks to grow startup fast and efficiently. It all comes to critical thinking, better planning, creating engagement, improving customer experience, diversifying, and adapting to the constantly changing market. Follow the tips I mentioned above and give your startup a tonic of rapid growth.

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