TREC Global – Another Backstab to Community By EJ Dalius

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Eric Dalius is one of those tech entrepreneurs who might have harmed the community more than actually served it. Saivian Ponzi Scheme, MuzicSwipe, and (supposedly undergoing) Naivias Scheme are some examples. The list becomes more expanded with TREC Global, a life-changing initiative for business owners.

The platform may have been operating for years, however, it is producing another set of MLM techniques to fool and rob innocent people. Here, we will discuss all about the platform, its operators, and its expansion.

TREC Global – Overview

Before we dive into the dubious MLM scheme behind the platform, let’s discuss what TREC Global is all about. Eric started this platform to facilitate businesses and entrepreneurs exceeding in their respective fields and industries, providing companies with starting counseling.

The team usually does this by offering Zoom meetings and access to the deals board (jobs), learning portal (articles, videos), and community forums. It’s all included in the basic model which starts at $150 per month. In the premium plan, the users can also attend public and private events where user can engage with masterminds.

TREC Global mostly deals with the crypto industry, real estate users, and the technology field. The company already falls under medium- and large-sized companies, comprising 201 to 500 members. The headquarters is in Kendall Park, New Jersey.

Another MLM Scheme Behind Covers

So, on paper and at first glance, everything seems normal. However, it is all a façade of something sinister, since what you can expect from a Ponzi Scheme mastermind. Nothing out of the ordinary as far as consultation is concerned, but TREC Global also provides an affiliate program, and that’s where things get a suspicious turn.

Eric Dalius is falsely advertising TREC Global’s affiliate program in the United States and Australia, which is basically another Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme. It means, unlike other affiliate programs where users are asked to call in other users and use the platform, TREC Global asks users to gather other users, which in turn calls more users.

This is a simple definition that is fabricated into complex processes to run from the legal bodies. But it doesn’t stop here. It also has a downloadable application that collects its user’s data, offering cashback for receipts.

Interestingly, this is the same model on which the infamous Saivian platform ran, and later faced legal action by the SEC. It also means that Eric J. Dalius hasn’t learned anything from the previous ordeal (and a nearly $24 million penalty). Now, TREC Global is more or less supporting the same model, and sooner or later, it may gain the attention of legal bodies.

The Operators & Perpetrators

Eric is not alone in this deceitful scheme. He has an alliance working for his mission to swindle multiple individuals and rob money for him. The three main perpetrators of TREC Global are discussed here. However, they are not the only ones, as his suspicious alliance consists of several criminals.

Tatiana Preciado

Tatiana Preciado is one of the significant collaborators of EJ Dalius’s project and has been facilitating TREC Global from Colombia. However, like Eric, she also has illegal activities on her previous record. Now, her involvement with Eric is quite questionable.

Rob Torres

Next, Rob Torres is the media man of the Dalius MLM project, as he manages and runs TREC Global’s social media campaigns. He promotes the platform on these channels and brings new victims onto the site to steal their hard-earned money. Plus, his tactics are already unethical and anonymously suspicious.

Ted Heckman

No matter how big or small the company is, it’s nothing without an IT expert. Ted Heckman is that IT magician, but don’t be fooled by him as someone intellectual. Allegedly, he is the mastermind of several fraudulent strategies that Eric runs and is Eric’s frontman for his deceiving services.

With these three top contributors and others, Eric is making millions using this MLM project and establishing an empire that, on fall, affects all oblivious users. By that, EJ will be gone and out, enjoying life.

Eric Dalius Intimidation

Well, among all the suspicious facilitators, not everyone is as immoral as Eric. His family is against all the wicked plots and has the eligibility to expose his illicit ventures. On the one hand, they probably have the evidence to surface the illegal activities behind TREC Global operations and other projects. On the other hand, they can easily hint the authorities or legal bodies in the right direction and make Dalius face justice.

However, these are just speculation as EJ Dalius abandoned his family long ago and living a lavish lifestyle isolated from his wife and children. But there’s more to the story. According to some leaked reports and sources, he might have been threatening his family to keep and prolong their silence against his actions.

This is utterly outrageous to keep his family hostile while abandoning them and imposing intimidation for his own illegal benefit. And it seems more reasonable as his family hasn’t spoken yet, despite a long isolation.

Expanding of Deceitful Platform

While Eric is (allegedly) intimidating his family, he is also expanding his illicit operations beyond America to find and fool more innocent people. For this purpose, he has recently traveled to Dubai and attended an event of Affiliate World Conference there. He even paid to get a speaking position and presented himself as an affiliate marketer to find investors for his TREC Global affiliate program funding.

It is important to mention Eric has a notorious past of wasting and spending his investor’s money carelessly on lavish lifestyles, Bitcoin purchases, and using it for self-pleasure. Hence, all the money of investors who might get inspired by his speech (having hideous intentions) is at risk.

Since Eric is no affiliate marketer or has any certification as such, he has also violated legal action, such as Deceptive Trade Practices. Such fraudulent behavior is unacceptable in any society, and it requires strong legal action.


TREC Global may have been promising expert consultation to entrepreneurs and startups, but its affiliate program is nothing less than an MLM approach. The platform asks people to get more people on board and demands personal data to offer cashback.

Tatianna Preciado, Rob Torres, and Ted Heckman are some of its operators. Eric is expanding this platform with them to abroad, such as Dubai and Australia. His family may provide evidence to shut it down, but EJ Dalius is threatening them to remain silent. Hope this evil practice comes to the notice of legal bodies and they put a stop to it once and for all.

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